One of the most common discussions we have with patients revolves around the cause and treatment of a calcified tooth. The root canal in a calcified tooth is always more difficult to locate and treat. All teeth have the potential to become calcified. Calcification occurs slowly on healthy teeth as part of the natural aging process. This process can also occur more rapidly at a younger age secondary to pulpal inflammation. Common causes of pulpal information are trauma, dental decay, cracks in teeth and previous dental treatments.

So, what exactly is a calcified tooth? This means that the normal pulp chamber inside the tooth becomes reduced in size or even obliterated as the dental pulp (the formative organ of the tooth) produces more dentin (tooth structure). As the chamber and canal spaces become smaller, endodontic treatment becomes increasingly difficult. In some situations, conventional endodontic treatment is simply not possible. Often however with patience (yours and ours) and experience the root canal can be completed with a good prognosis. Our in-house 3-D imaging, operating microscopes, and experience help us immensely with these challenging teeth.

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